About Barkley and LuLu

Our Mission

We support the essential bond between people and pets by promoting animal health through preventive care, establishing cooperative advocacy with veterinarians, and exploring innovative ways to make a difference in our community.

What We Do

We have promoted feline sterilization in Jackson County through multiple spay-neuter events through the Jackson Cat Project. Our efforts have made a huge difference in the intake and euthanasia rates in our local shelter, and our local veterinarians work together to promote population control of cats in Jackson County.

We also work closely with our local veterinarians (primarily Jackson County) in providing assistance for veterinary patients in need of procedures in situations where the veterinarian deems that the client is having financial hardship. Funds are limited and are used judiciously by our local veterinarians. These funds are limited and are based on donations; funds may only be awarded to veterinarians who wish to apply for The Barkley and LuLu Fund on behalf of patients. In addition, we take part in other community projects to further our mission. After all,

People + Pets = HAPPINESS.

How to Get Involved

We will announce events on our website and eventually on Facebook, and we always welcome volunteers! Contact us to ask about volunteer activities. The Jackson Cat Project is 100% volunteer-driven and we enjoy collaborating with community volunteers and veterinary professionals. In addition, we encourage volunteerism at the Jackson County Animal Shelter and at the Cascades Humane Society. Dog walkers, cat visitors, and general maintenance are always appreciated, and both of these organizations host The Jackson Cat Project events.

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Board of Directors

Dr. Melissa Owings, DVM


Elizabeth Drennan, LVT


Duane Wilcox


Jane Uhila

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